Beta Alanine Benefits and Reviews

What are the benefits of Beta Alanine?

As an altered form of the amino acid Alaline, Beta-alanine has been proven to increase the muscular endurance and delay fatigue of its users. Supplementation of beta-alanine can increase your number of reps at the gym and can also advance any moderate to high cardiovascular activity such as sprinting or swimming.

The supplement turns into the molecule carnosine after it is ingested. Carnosine acts as an acid buffer for the body and is stored inside cells. It is automatically released in repsonse to drops in the PH level of the body. Large stored amounts of carnosine provide protection against diet- related drops in PH and combat the build-up of lactic acid post exercise or workout. Carnosine is also an anti-oxidant and anti-aging compund. It has proven to improve physical functionality of the elderly.

Beta-alanine is a form of performance enhancer and amino acid supplement that goes well with Creatine. This supplement is particularly used for preworkout and muscular endurance. It can help gain muscle mass and is known to boost muscular anaerobic endurance, exercise capacity and aerobic endurance. Beta-alanine is also beneficial to vegans and vegetarians due to their exclusion of meat in their diets.

Beta-alanine is also known as: 3-aminopropanoic acid, 3-aminopropionic Acid, Acide 3-aminopropanoïque, Acide 3-aminopropionique, Acide Aminé Non Essentiel, Acide Bêta-Aminé, b-Ala, B-alanine, B-aminopropionic Acid, Beta-alanina, Bêta-Alanine, Beta-alanine Ethyl Ester, Beta-amino Acid, Non-essential Amino Acid.

Beta Alanine Consumer Reviews:

By Sephen D. – – Bulk Supplements Pure Beta Alanine Powder
My muscle strength and power output has increased since I started supplementing this. Fatigue has been delayed, giving me more endurance. This is a great product. I have already ordered the kg size because this one is for keeps.

By Daniel Wolsky – – Bulk Supplements Pure Beta Alanine Powder
I have been using this beta alanine with caffeine anhydrous and it is great. Without the L Carnosine the BA doesn’t give me that intense tingling feeling but the energy and focus is awesome. During my workouts I have noticed a delay in the onset of lactic acid which is pretty much what the BA should do. Overall this is a great supplement and the price is solid, I recommend this for my clients and athletes to take (given they are cleared by their primary physician to be able to take supplements like this).

By Kd Perkins – – Bulk Supplements Pure Beta Alanine Powder
I love Bulk Supplements. You get the product you want without all the fillers. I started a new intense weightlifting routine before my Beta Alanine arrived. It was a struggle to get through the workout, and I was wicked sore. After supplementing with Beta Alanine the workouts felt easier in spite of being challenging. I also experienced no soreness after my workouts. I wish I could get Bulk Supplements products on Subscribe and Save. I will be buying this again!

By R.C. – – Bulk Supplements Pure Beta Alanine Powder
Love being able to get this in pure form. Quick shipping and great packaging! Easily mixes with water and has no taste. I take half a daily serving in the morning and the other half in the evening, right before my workout. Both times I can feel the slight burning that’s described within 10 minutes and it goes away in just a few minutes.
I have felt that I’m able to push just a little bit harder when lifting and go farther/faster when running. Don’t notice any negative side effects and I would continue to use this as it seems to help me. Already PR’d on squat!